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The Program

We are one of the world’s leading investment management firms, operating in markets across the globe. We invest heavily in our proprietary global technology architecture platform and our technology partners. We value professionals, researchers, and students with vision and a sense of intellectual curiosity. We look for people who like to solve complex macro and micro problems and who embrace challenges. We provide them with seed capital, a wide variety of tools and corporate connections and the independence to use the ones that they see fit.

As part of our proprietary Corporate Labs Program, we offer three opportunities for bright minds and graduate students to launch and grow their careers: an internship program in our Core Infrastructure and Technology teams, which can lead to full-time roles; a full-time Analyst program with our investment teams; and a full time associate corporate placement program in our portfolio companies. For successful applicants, we offer you a place to launch your careers, gaining real world, hands-on experience from day one.

Great ideas usually come from a diverse set of backgrounds, beliefs, and life journeys. At Bravemarket Corporate Labs, we strive to learn from each other, challenge one another, and together, seek to generate disruptive insights and apply these insights to the real world in real time.