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Bravemarket Advisory Group


Bravemarket is the trusted advisor for leaders across all levels of government on developing differentiated solutions to complex problems.


Bravemarket is a distinguished financial advisor to governments and other sovereign entities around the world. We offer discreet, tailored and structured financial advisory services to governments, ministries, state-owned companies and sovereign wealth funds. With extensive experience working with governments around the world, we provide strategic advice and guidance on a broad range of public sector matters, including public finance, funding, restructurings, liability management, M&A, and privatizations including IPOs and private sales.

Our senior team is an influential network of prominent advisors with a wealth of personal experience. Our network includes senior members of royal families, former heads of state, former cabinet ministers, former members of parliament, former high-level civil servants, senior bankers, former senior investment bankers, bankers from national treasuries and former central bankers. Our connectivity and collaboration provide clients with a global perspective that is reinforced by well-established local insight. We have gathered experience and relationships in advising more than 28 sovereign clients over the last 10 years. The key to our client relationships is honesty and trust, and we couple this with an unyielding insistence on utmost confidentiality in all our engagements.

Our advisory team provides comprehensive and tiered financial advisory services for governments and sovereign institutions by integrating internal and external investment banking expertise and experienced consulting professionals. We can produce detailed studies and reports on the macro economy, fiscal and monetary policies, industrial policies, development trends, investment policies and offer assistance on public investment and financing. We can offer introductions to and selection of financial products and services, interpretation of investment and financing policies, design of investment and financing schemes, risk consulting and risk mitigation programs, in addition to special advisory services on macro and regional economic analysis, fiscal and debt management, industrial development solutions, evaluation on polices and plans, infrastructure project advisory and investment promotion advisory. We understand the intricacies of policy design and formulation and seek to support public sector authorities stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing world.


Project and Project Finance Advisory

We can provide economic and financial feasibility assessment, investment and financing plans and financial services about key infrastructure projects. We are skilled at managing complex projects in the infrastructure sector, such as mining, oil and gas, power, transport, and other strategic areas. We can advise from the start of the project to its completion, including investor mobilization, coordination, and monitoring, as well as on all aspects of project financing.

Financial and Debt Management Advisory

We can provide assistance on matters of debt restructuring. Our clients can leverage from our extensive network of relationships, both at the operational level and with political decision makers. We can advise our clients on obtaining the best terms for global debt issuance. We also provide analysis of regional economic and financial dynamics, assist in the preparation of balance sheet, and offer debt management solutions and financing arrangements based on our analysis and the information provided by governments, ministries and/or agencies.

Macro Policy Advisory

The core of our sovereign advisory practice is advising on government finance. Our most senior advisors and former bankers can assist our clients with sensitive fiscal and monetary policy issues, including budget, balance of payments, interest rates and exchange rates. We can conduct in-depth research on the countries’ macro economy, regional economy, and its interdependence with the international economy.

Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) Advisory

We are one of the global leaders in helping countries attract and manage foreign investment. Our global network of relationships with multinational business leaders is an invaluable source of information and potential investors. We provide advisory services such as design of investment promotion plans, investor roadshows and introductions to strategic investors.

Micro Policy Advisory

We can provide advisory and solutions on regional industrial development, key industrial analysis and comparison of key enterprise competitiveness. We can also provide industrial integration plans, advisory on reform and/or privatization of state-owned enterprise, and transformation of government financing platforms. We can assist countries to build vital institutions within the public, private, and financial sectors and advise on building solid foundations for institutional growth.