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Driving Innovation

Bravemarket Corporate Labs (“BCL”) was established to drive innovation at Bravemarket. We organize and manage a diverse group and network of hyper intelligent minds focused on building cutting-edge, disruptive, game-changing technology to support Bravemarket Capital Group, its funds, its portfolio managers, its investors and its portfolio companies, and Bravemarket Advisory Group, its advisors, and its institutional clients. We extended our network of intellectual contributors and clients to include leading universities, research centers, and incubators.

As the knowledge nerve center of Bravemarket, our team of software engineers, data scientists and domain experts at BCL employ advanced technologies including machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to run computational analytics, build representational models and enable software applications. These analytics deliver real-time, differentiated and actionable intelligence that advance business growth and accelerate industry transformation. Our algorithm models generated and tested in BCL derive insights that enable our funds to maximize data intelligence opportunities.


Born In Academia

The ideas and hypothesis behind our investment decisions are born in academia, and education is in our DNA. For Bravemarket, learning never stops. The pursuit of knowledge and clarity in investing is exemplified by how we work with universities to support the next generation of talent and host annual internal events to connect our clients with the brightest minds in the industry. We promote knowledge because collective wisdom benefits our people and our clients and helps them make more informed investment decisions.


Shaped By Technology

At Bravemarket, technology is key to our competitive advantage. Our technology engineers and professionals in BCL help drive our investment process and are empowered to share ideas and use their skills to make an impact across all of our businesses. Bravemarket also leverages BCL’s network of academics, industry leaders and top universities to generate proprietary research to provide insights on the macro economy, global markets, geopolitics and long-term asset allocation to help our investors and portfolio managers navigate the financial markets.


Powering The Enterprise

By providing the bridge between universities and industry, BCL helps emerging entrepreneurs and enterprises scale in smart, efficient ways to create unique opportunities for revenue or customer growth acceleration. Access to Bravemarket’s network of portfolio companies and advisory clients helps BCL network of technology entrepreneurs, researchers, students and incubators grow their customer base and make connections across a range of industries and geographies. Powered by the global reach of Bravemarket and its flexible growth capital, these emerging enterprises can optimize their product development opportunities and support their growth and expansion across the world’s major economies.

Bravemarket Corporate Labs was driven by our commitment to technology, to outperformance, and to having exceptional connectivity to a cultivated network of academics and industry experts. We seek to solve highly complex problems.