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Bravemarket has advised hundreds of companies, investors and other stakeholders at all stages of special situations. Knowing that not every situation has a clear resolution, it is key to have a composed and experienced partner who can quickly develop alternative solutions to optimize value.


Bravemarket Special Situations Advisory advises on specific nonstandard material matters faced by governments, institutions and corporate clients that are outside the scope of our usual advisory engagements. We have a Special Situations Committee which exemplifies our overall commitment to independence, discretion, objectivity, and the delivery of unconflicted and forthright advice. Our Senior Committee, which is comprised of some of the most experienced policy makers, senior executives, and senior bankers in the industry, has a long history of providing impartial advice to our Special Situations Committee and assisting them to meet fiduciary duties and obligations in significant special situations.

Our Senior Committee is deeply involved in all aspects of an assignment and will advise our Special Situations Committee on a wide range of transactions and complex situations. With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges facing our clients, we work closely with our clients to help them balance the needs of stakeholders with those of their organization. Our proprietary methodology, which has been developed and tested under the most challenging political, regulatory and business circumstances, has proved to be successful, flexible and able to be individually tailored for clients. Our advisors work with clients to first understand the needs of the situation and then develop strategies for handling the sensitivities that inevitably exist or have arisen.

Bravemarket Special Situations Advisory can also act as an independent advisor to companies on investor relations during special situations that relate to their equity and the capital markets. We believe in direct contact between a company’s leadership and its shareholders. We work with our clients on a day-to-day basis and during their most important and demanding special situation events. We help Boards and senior leadership teams interpret developments in capital markets relating to their businesses.

We advise and assist clients by refining the investment proposition, contributing to press releases and investor presentations, testing potential investor reactions to strategy changes, devising investor relations programs, including investor targeting, previewing likely investor responses to capital structure changes and returns, advising on likely investor responses to governance and remuneration issues, setting M&A in a strategic context, and conducting Share Register Analysis. Our in-depth analysis of share ownership is based on our register analysis systems which have been developed over three decades. We also provide regular register analysis, including comparison with our model of the ownership of listed comparable companies, daily tracking at critical times, including M&A, activist intervention and capital returns, and Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) voting intelligence.

We can also generate and provide a proprietary Investor Assessment Report. This comprehensive, broad-ranging and impartial assessment provides a company with a view of how investors perceive its business, competitive positions, finances, leadership and Board, communications and the valuation of its shares. It forms the basis of insights into how shareholders might react to future strategic moves, and how the company could strengthen its relationships with shareholders and potential investors. The assessment typically includes detailed non-attributable qualitative interviews with leading institutional investors, quantitative assessment of the company’s performance and valuation in absolute terms and relative to peers and the capital markets, analysis of the ownership of the company with contextual comment, review of the company’s investor relations program, with reference to a comparable group, and recommendations on investor engagement and communications.

Bravemarket partners with leading industry bankers to deliver tailored advice and advanced solutions to our clients for all types of liability-driven capital structure situations and challenges. We combine liability management experience, skills and technology with deep, credit-driven restructuring analysis and differentiated industry expertise.