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Investment Objective
Income Generation
Investment Horizon
Mid To Long Term
Investment Focus
Real Estate, Energy Assets, & Infrastructure
Type Of Investments
Public & Private Markets

Bravemarket Real Assets Platform manages more than USD 10 billion of assets under management. We seek to give investors exposure to core real assets through our multi-manager, multi-strategy solutions and actively managed portfolios.

Investment Approach

Bravemarket Real Assets Platform is one of the leading global providers of equity and debt capital across real asset investment strategies. We take a thematic approach to real assets investing. We identify underlying industry and demographic trends to invest in. We invest in both assets and platforms given the flexibility of our capital. Real estate investing has been a part of the Firm’s strategy since 1995 when we first began pursuing real estate opportunities through our private equity strategy. In 2010, we formed a dedicated real asset platform which includes real estate, infrastructure, and energy assets. Our market cycle-tested team consists of dedicated investment and asset management with more than USD 10 billion of assets under management including proprietary investments.

Real Assets Investment Strategies


Our Debt Strategy seeks to provide innovative and comprehensive financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum for real assets. We originate loans and invest in debt securities underpinned by high-quality real assets. We define real assets as tangible assets that derive their value from their substance and physical properties which includes real estate, public and private infrastructure, natural resources, precious metals, and commodities.


Our Opportunistic Strategy seeks to acquire under-managed, well-located assets globally. Post-acquisition, we seek to maximize their value by instituting best-in-class strategic and operational management of the assets, improving the assets with prudent investments before selling the assets and returning capital to our limited partners.

Core & Core Plus

Our Core Strategy seeks to invests primarily in private core real estate assets designed to provide stable and high levels of current income supported by strong property occupancy. Our Core Plus Strategy seeks to stabilize the real estate assets with a long-term investment horizon and leverage, where we can unlock additional value through focused asset management. We seek to drive value enhancement through a disciplined, operationally focused mindset, greater accountability and transparency, and direct engagement throughout the asset management and enhancement process.

Buy & Hold

Our Buy & Hold Strategy seeks to apply a long-term strategy to large-scale infrastructure assets with a focus on delivering stable, long-term capital appreciation together with a predictable annual cash flow yield. We aim to provide the potential for excess return streams, stable income potential, and a possible hedge against inflation. We define large scale infrastructure assets as basic physical systems owned and operated by governmental entities and businesses which include transportation, communications, water and sewage, and electric systems that are vital to the economy.

Private Investments in Public Equities (“PIPE”)

Our Private Investments in Public Equities Strategy seeks attractive returns by offering a well-diversified portfolio that invests in global listed infrastructure, global listed real estate, commodities, and treasury inflation protected securities. We seek to provide current income and long-term capital growth for investors. Our open-ended real asset funds are held in a fiduciary environment and are composed of income-producing, institutional-quality real assets that are diversified by type and geographic region.