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Bravemarket Is A Leading Global Investment Manager & Advisor For Sophisticated Investors & Prominent Institutions


Bravemarket (or the “Firm”) is a premier global multi-asset investment and institutional advisory firm headquartered in New York. Bravemarket serves institutional investors and clients who require a more sophisticated approach and who look to the Firm for advanced investment management and institutional solutions. Bravemarket seeks to generate superior returns primarily through its independent investment firms, strategic partners, affiliates and independent investment managers by managing and specializing in multiple asset classes including private equity, hedge fund, global credit, real estate, tactical funds, and multi-asset funds across multiple sectors, industries, and geographies.

As a leading global alternative investment manager, Bravemarket seeks to preserve and to grow the capital of its investors by investing intelligently, systematically, and responsibly. Operating as a high-performance organization, we analyze global markets and industry with discipline and focus, employing extensive, continuous stress testing which enables us to assess and mitigate risks. We aim to deploy a range of investment managers and investment strategies to deliver innovative investment solutions and consistent, market-leading investment returns for our capital partners and fund investors throughout market cycles. Our broad range of diversified platforms and investment products are distinct yet complementary and serve a wide range of asset allocation requirements and types of investors.

As a trusted global institutional advisor, Bravemarket seeks to deliver high impact and precision institutional solutions to the most complex requirements of our clients. We leverage our deep investment banking background, structuring expertise, and panel of participating financial institutions to optimize the outcomes of our institutional engagements. We have structured or led up to USD 85 billion of capital and debt market transactions to finance liquidity solutions for governments in emerging markets, institutions and corporates, energy and infrastructure projects, national privatization exercises, acquisitions, and growth capital. Making continued investments in technology, Bravemarket equips and empowers talented minds in finance and industry with an unparalleled combination of deep fundamental research, predictive analytics, and leading-edge technology to identify and capture new investment opportunities and institutional solutions.

Since our establishment in 1988, Bravemarket has raised committed capital of more than USD 58 billion from our global investor base. We have invested in over 140 companies with an aggregate enterprise value of close to USD 200 billion at acquisition or investment with over 280 add-on acquisitions. Our alternative investment funds have executed investments of over USD 150 billion in the private and public markets. Our institutional advisory teams have advised on engagements and projects with an aggregate value of over USD 220 billion. We attribute our success to our partnerships with over 550 outstanding professionals who bring deep experience and expertise, and an extensive network of political connections, executive relationships and corporate partnerships. Through our model and tenacity, we seek to bring continued and sustainable success to both our investors and clients..


Bravemarket has been investing in the private and public markets for over 30 years, gaining invaluable expertise and developing long-term relationships with some of the most recognized and sought-after investors in the alternative asset class. Our institutional investors include royal families, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, and endowments. We also work with best-in-class funds of funds, financial advisors and family offices. Our history and investment track record highlight our operating model, pedigree, deep experience and strong fundamentals, with measured, strategic partnerships creating cross-platform synergies for our investors and clients. Our investing and advisory approach is characterized by consistency and continuity while also adapting to meet client needs.

Established in 1988, Bravemarket traces its roots as a multi-family office with investment banking and financial advisory capabilities and expertise. Founded by two former senior partners from Kuhn, Loeb & Co., before it merged with Lehman Brothers, the Firm grew its business from a private investment and merchant banking model to other areas, most notably investment management and asset management. The Firm acquired a financial technology company in 2011 and was subsequently reorganized as Bravemarket to reflect the firm’s broadened scope of services, operating as a leading independent asset and investment management, institutional services and advisory firm driven by the nexus of finance, technology and applied research.

Dedicated to delivering consistent results for investors and clients, Bravemarket powers success through its global technology architecture platform, its emphasis on independent thinking, and its use of an informed network of industry leaders and institutional experts. We consistently pursue the highest standards of investing discipline and advisory excellence. Whether designing tailored investment vehicles or strategies or providing a comprehensive range of solutions, our people share a mandate to offer investments, advisory and solutions that align with our clients' needs. The Firm believes that its long-term shareholder value is incontrovertibly tied with the success of its investors and clients.


Bravemarket is a leading and traditional global asset management, investment management, and institutional advisory business operating distinct but complementary integrated groups, namely Bravemarket Capital, together with its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates ("Bravemarket Capital Group"), Bravemarket Advisory, together with its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates ("Bravemarket Advisory Group") and Bravemarket Corporate Labs, together with its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates (“BCL Group”).

Bravemarket Capital Group leads the executive oversight, investment and management of Bravemarket and its funds (the “Funds”). This corporate group includes Bravemarket’s network of independent investment firms, independent investment managers, sub-investment advisors, and general partners of the Funds.

Bravemarket Advisory Group leads the executive oversight, delivery and management of the institutional advisory and solutions business of Bravemarket. Bravemarket Advisory Group is at times engaged to provide advisory and other corporate support services to Bravemarket Capital Group, the Funds and/or its portfolio companies. This corporate group includes Bravemarket's international network of independent advisory partners.

BCL Group is responsible for the executive oversight, investment and management of the corporate venture capital, corporate incubation, corporate internship program and university research and alliance business of Bravemarket. Apart from providing support services to other separate Bravemarket businesses, BCL Group is also organized to oversee the corporate social responsibility efforts of Bravemarket. References to "Bravemarket" on this Site may refer to one or more corporate groups of Bravemarket.


Bravemarket Capital Group

Bravemarket Capital Group, a division of Bravemarket, is a leading global investment manager dedicated to helping clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Our model and investment approach brings the world's leading investment managers and strategies together in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio aimed at achieving our clients’ investment objectives. We strive to enable our clients to be intelligently diversified. Our approach to asset allocation and diversification is based on one simple insight that no one asset class or investment strategy always outperforms.

Accordingly, Bravemarket Capital Group is a distinctive partnership of autonomous leading investment managers singularly committed to the long-term success of individual and institutional investors. Our multi-manager, multi-strategy approach gives clients access to distinctive investment strategies from independent managers. We have the flexibility, agility, and responsiveness of a nimble investment management firm with the product breadth, distribution reach, and resources of bulge bracket financial institutions. Our multi-manager model is based on the fundamental belief that investment professionals who operate in an environment which allows for the appropriate focus and culture can generate sustainable, superior returns for our clients.


Bravemarket Advisory Group

Bravemarket Advisory Group, a division of Bravemarket, provides institutional advisory and solutions for the most complex financial transactions and engagements involving governments, institutions and corporates. Bravemarket Advisory Group is comprised of independent firms, dedicated teams and advisory committees consisting of senior members of royal families, former heads of state, former cabinet ministers, former members of parliament, former C-level executives, retired and current industry leaders, and seasoned senior professionals with an extensive network of political and executive relationships, corporate partnerships, industry connections, and operating and consulting backgrounds.

This formidable and distinctive internal and external strategic and operating team offers a broad suite of scalable institutional advisory services in critical areas such as government, ministerial and government agencies initiatives, public finance, project finance, corporate finance, restructuring and recapitalization, strategic development and execution, business turnaround, capital management and organizational design, technology and innovation, go-to-market strategy and execution, mergers and acquisition integration and cross portfolio services. At times, Bravemarket Advisory Group may also be embedded in our investment management teams, assisting to identify key growth, operating, regulatory and organizational initiatives of its portfolio companies.


BCL Group

BCL Group, a division of Bravemarket, leads the research and development (“R&D”) arm of the Firm and provides the bridge between academia and industry. We believe that merging theory with real-world practice is the best way to be smarter investors and advisors. BCL Group powers the engine that drives the Firm’s track record of finding innovative solutions for our clients’ changing needs. BCL Group brings together our network of top universities in North America and Europe, leading R&D departments, technology incubators, academics, practitioners, policymakers and regulators to debate, propose, beta test and offer a wide range of products and solutions for different types of investors, clients and portfolio companies.

As an illustration, BCL Group may draw on our inter-disciplinary network to guide portfolio construction, asset allocation, and stress-testing across statistically significant possible scenarios to support Bravemarket Capital Group in achieving investors’ objectives. BCL Group may also assist our funds to be ready when uncertainty strikes by building Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and quantitative models to help portfolio managers to respond rapidly to new information and to manage risk. Through BCL Group’s technology led initiatives, our portfolio managers have the ability to respond quickly and insightfully in every major time zone and be able to monitor investment markets day and night, potentially protecting portfolios and investments.

Our Platforms

Our diversified investment platforms engage and assemble the world's leading investment managers to work for you. Bravemarket Investment Platforms brings the world's leading investment managers and strategies together in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio aimed at achieving or exceeding our clients’ investment objectives. Our leading portfolio managers construct portfolios designed to meet our clients’ long-term financial goals.

Our investment professionals combine their deep expertise and experience in private equity, hedge fund strategies, global credit, real estate, real assets, tactical opportunities, fixed income and multi asset investing to offer investors a robust and diversified asset allocation platform. This enables our Firm to build tailored portfolios for each client, combining the public and private investment vehicles suitable to their distinctive investment objectives, liquidity needs and risk profiles. This sophisticated approach to asset allocation is typically reserved for the world’s most successful institutions and wealthiest families.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity platform focuses on leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, including corporate divestitures and take-private transactions, typically in partnership with existing management in small and mid-sized companies that can benefit from Bravemarket’s operating professionals and expertise.

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Hedge Fund

Our Hedge Fund Platform focuses on building core multi-strategy hedge fund portfolios for its clients. By allocating capital to a diverse range of leading hedge fund managers and strategies, we aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns that are complementary to existing portfolios.

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Global Credit

Our Global Credit Platform focuses on capital preservation and strives to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions. We invest in public and private corporate credit instruments across multiple strategies.

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Real Assets

Our Real Assets platform focuses on real estate and large infrastructure assets. We invest in high-quality real estate assets where we see growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends. We invest in large-scale infrastructure assets that deliver predictable annual cash flow yield and stable long-term capital appreciation.

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Tactical Funds

Our Tactical Funds platform focuses on making differentiated investments that seek to deliver portfolios with less correlation and lower volatility. Our tactical funds are unconstrained by asset class, industry, sector, security type or geography.

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Multi Asset Funds

Our Multi Asset Funds platform focuses on making investments across multiple asset classes, offering liquidity to investors, and co-investing alongside managers globally. We execute multiple types of investments and provide complex portfolio solutions.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Our Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA”) platform focuses on providing institutional clients with bespoke investment strategies to meet their specific needs. We construct customized portfolios for institutional clients, and specifically tailor funds to meet the unique objectives of the underlying client, while complementing their broader asset allocation strategy.

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With over 30 years of experience, Bravemarket’s primary focus remains helping investors and institutions achieve their investment and financial objectives.